NESTOR Safe Senior Citizens' Home

It is a care and rehabilitation center, a 24-hour facility providing care for people of all ages with various neurological diseases, orthopaedic diseases and after injuries and surgeries.

Our facility is a specialized center, friendly for disabled people, without architectural barriers.

The facility is also equipped with elevators and a paging system.

We offer you a friendly, safe place and measurable effects of our daily work. Rehabilitation in comfortable conditions at the highest level of commitment of highly qualified staff. We are guided by the principle of sustainable development, where we care about the work ethics of our employees and the comfort of life of our charges. Our staff are people working with passion and commitment, willing to help others and guided by the welfare of the Pensioners.

By staying in our facility, we want to give our residents the opportunity to regain the greatest possible motor and intellectual efficiency, increase the level of independence through daily work with them, and ultimately increase their comfort of life.

The NESTOR Care and Rehabilitation Center is a safe place where each of the residents can feel equally important and cared for. We apply the highest epidemiological safety measures in close cooperation with the District Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Warsaw. The staff with current research – PCR test on Covid -19 examined every 14 days, “recovering” patients with triple negative tests after isolation .

A safe nursing home in Warsaw

In the Safe Care Home – NESTOR Care and Rehabilitation Center we offer caring 24-hour care and intensive rehabilitation for people after injuries, surgeries, the disabled, the chronically ill and the elderly. Daily presence of nurses, physiotherapists, and doctor’s supervision allows for regular specialist and caring care and rehabilitation of the Pensioners.

Our rehabilitation and physiotherapy methods are addressed to all age groups. Exercises are individually adjusted to the type of diseases, injuries and age of the resident. Each Patient is examined and qualified by our doctor upon arrival at our facility. The scope of rehabilitation and type of procedure is prepared individually. Our Pensioners can use the following rehabilitation procedures:

Relief exercises - UGUL
walking track
hand board
magnetic field therapy
ultrasound therapy
Laser therapy
shock wave

Short and long-term stays.

Within the framework of the turn we provide:

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